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Building the Best Team

It would be nice to say anyone could be a Zombek Orthodontics teammate. But ask anyone who has had a bad service experience, whether at another orthodontist, a restaurant, or a hotel. Not everyone is cut out to serve others the way we serve people. You have to be warm, engaging, serious about work, but not too serious with yourself. We don’t just create amazing smiles — we share them too.

What Sets Us Apart?

A Team That's Second To None

We Put Our Patients First.

I wouldn’t let anyone work in my practice if I didn’t trust them to work on my own kids. I have an enormous level of trust in their ability! And when we find people that have this sort of exceptional quality, we don’t let them go!

We Prioritize Experience and Expertise.

This team is a lot of fun. But they’re also excellent at what they do! I would put my team’s experience and expertise against any other orthodontic office. And our results speak for themselves!

We Work Together.

No matter what anyone might say, the best results come from the best teams working in collaboration. My team makes me better, and that leads to the best results for your child. I love my team — one of my favorite things about my job is working alongside my team! They’re my second family.

Zombek Orthodontics Is a Family.

We’re a family around here. We’re for each other and support each other. You can feel the love we have for each other, and we think that's what makes this such a special place to work and such an incredible place to visit. We like being here, and we want you to enjoy being here too!

The Zombek Team

The Zombek Orthodontics Team

The team at Zombek Orthodontics believes a visit to our clinic can be “the best part of your day.” We exude that energy. You can feel it when you walk through this office! You’ll hear us talking about proms and weddings and sporting events and graduations. Sometimes you’ll hear a patient giving me a hard time when their favorite NBA team beats the Heat.

Patients love coming into the office because we’re more than just an orthodontics team. We’re a group of friends! Sometimes, my patients want to stay a little late just to catch up. I wouldn’t want it any other way! I love how much my patients love my staff.

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We love bringing beautiful smiles to our patients, but don't just take our word for it! Take a look at some of the testimonials from actual Zombek Orthodontics patients! 

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