Two-phase Orthodontic Treatment For Children

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Two-Phase Orthodontics

Why Start Early Orthodontic Treatment For Your Child

Space For New Teeth

If your child's baby teeth are crowded, chances are the larger permanent teeth will come in crowded as well, or even crooked. Early orthodontic treatment can give your child's new teeth room to emerge, which means less need for more treatment further down the road. 

Easier Movement

A child's jaw is still growing and developing, which makes it more malleable. That means it's easier to move teeth into their proper position, and with less discomfort. It also allows treatment to correct any jaw issues that could arise later and cause pain. 

Improved Speech

Children are still developing their speech skills, and teeth and jaw issues could affect those skills. Teeth that are out of place could obstruct tongue placement while speaking and could lead to speech impediments. Braces can alleviate these issues and make it easier for your child to pronounce words properly.

Reduce Treatment Time

Because your child's jaw is still developing, it's faster and easier to move the teeth into their proper positions. That means there may be less treatment time for your child, especially if potential dental issues can be eliminated early before they require more aggressive treatment, or even surgery. 

Wondering if your child needs early orthodontic treatment?

Children can begin orthodontic treatment even though they still have their baby teeth. If your child's baby teeth have come in crooked or gapped, or if your child has an overbite or crossbite, chances are their dental issues will get worse once their permanent teeth come in. Treatment now can alleviate problems later. Let the team at Zombek Orthodonics help you decide if treatment now is right for your child.

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Orthodontics For Children FAQ

When should my child see an orthodontist?
The American Association of Orthodontics recommends that children should see an orthodontist by age 7. A child's jaw and muscles are still developing and the adult molars are beginning to erupt, so this is the time when dental issues really become visible. The earlier these issues are detected and treated, the better it is for your child down the road. 
What is two-phase treatment?
Two-phase orthodontic care splits treatment into two segments to get better results. Phase 1 is used to treat common early childhood problems. This phase usually starts while the permanent front teeth are erupting and can help make orthodontic issues more manageable.

Phase II begins once all the permanent teeth have completed eruption. It will provide proper alignment once all the baby teeth are eliminated and solve any remaining dental issues. 
Can children or teens get Invisalign?
How do I help my child have good oral health?
The two best methods of helping your child's oral health are the ones you grew up learning: eat a healthy diet and brush your teeth.

A low-sugar diet can reduce the instances of tooth decay, leading to fewer cavities or tooth loss. Brushing at least twice a day is recommended to keep teeth clean and plaque free, reducing tooth decay and gum disease. It's best to brush after every meal, but twice a day is the minimum recommendation. Also, be sure your child flosses regularly to reduce the chances of getting cavities between teeth. 
Is the initial in-office consult free for my child?
Yes! We currently provide free, no-oboligation consultations for children on their initial visit.

What Are My Child's Options?

Standard braces, self-ligating braces, Invisalign Teen...there are several options available for your child's orthodonture needs. So which one is best? After an initial assessment, which includes a 3D scan of your child's mouth, we'll provide a one-on-one consultation to lay out your child's best options and determine which is best. We want you to feel comfortable with your decisions. Orthodontics is a big investment in your child's future, and with Zombek Orthodontics, you will be able to make that investment with confidence. 

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What To Expect: First Orthodontic Visit

Both you and your child may be a bit nervous stepping into an orthodontist's office for the first time, but rest assured! Our philosophy at Zombek Orthodontics is to treat you like family. That means making both you and your child feel as comfortable as possible. We love to have fun, and we want you to be a part of that fun from the moment you step into the door. Expect to see some special treats, tons of encouragement and lots of smiles, from your first visit to your last! 

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