LightForce Braces Use 3D Customization to Create Your Best Smile

Learn About Our Philosophy

New 3D printing technology has revolutionized orthodontics by creating customized clear aligners. Now, that same technology is changing everything you thought you know about braces! LightForce braces offer a new level of efficiency, personalization, and convenience. At Zombek Orthodontics, we are obsessed with treatment efficiency and minimizing time-consuming adjustments. It’s why we love LightForce braces!

Like clear aligners, LightForce orthodontics allows Dr. Zombek to use 3D scanning and printing to customize an orthodontic treatment plan for each patient. Patients love LightForce because of the shorter treatment times, fewer visits, and more comfortable, more efficient treatment!

Braces built for you — and only you

Each bracket is custom-built by LightForce using some of the world’s most sophisticated 3D Printing technology. It starts with a detailed, 3D scan of your teeth that shows not only the location of each tooth but also the surface contours. We’re talking SERIOUS detail! 

That info goes into a software system Dr. Zombek uses to create your custom-designed braces and orthodontic plan. He then prints out the LightForce brackets that are made for your teeth and your teeth ONLY.

LightForce Brackets: Faster on, faster off

The way these braces go on your teeth is totally different from traditional metal braces. LightForce orthodontics uses a much cooler method — one that will keep you in the chair for a lot less time. 

With traditional braces, Dr. Zombek has to place each bracket one at a time and maneuver it into its proper spot. It’s a time-consuming process that can take a couple of hours. 

It’s different with LightForce brackets. The brackets come in six trays that are also custom printed to fit your teeth precisely. Each tray places several brackets at the same time and does so with incredible precision. The result is a lot less time in the chair getting your braces put on. In fact, it may take only an hour or less to get you into braces and out of the orthodontist’s chair!

That means you can get your braces on quickly and back to living your life!

More comfortable, more efficient treatment

Once the LightForce braces are on your teeth, the real magic begins. Because our brackets conform precisely to your teeth, they reduce discomfort and improve the straightening accuracy.  In other words, your tooth will get to where it needs to go faster, easier, and less uncomfortably than with traditional brackets.

These brackets are also translucent, which means they blend better to your normal tooth color. So they look better AND perform better. 
The efficiency of LightForce means you have fewer office visits and less discomfort. It also means your treatment time is reduced, often by an average of several months!

Affordable Financing

We know what you’re wondering — can I afford LightForce Braces? At Zombek Orthodontics, we work with you so you can! 

We offer financing options that make it easier to fit your budget. We offer low down payments, extended payments, and interest-free financing. We even offer discounts for family members of our patients! 

Schedule a consult with us today, and we’ll start your journey toward that perfect smile. We’ll evaluate your case and determine whether LifeForce is the way to go. Contact us today and see the difference LifeForce can make! 

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